Simulation Browser

The simulation browser system englobe all the options found on the Simulations block:

GPCRmd search option

Family tree

The Family tree is a visual representation of each GPCR family and subfamily ending on a pdb identifier.

GPCRmd family tree

The user can zoom in/out and drag around the tree. If the user hover on each pdb identifier the graph will display a box with all the simulations related to this code:

GPCRmd family tree display

Clicking in the blue link the user will be redirected to the GPCRmd viewer. In case that the user wants to restore the position, only need to click on the button “Reset view” on the box next to the tree:

GPCRmd family tree display

GPCRmd simulations

Here, the user can identify all simulations included into GPCRmd divided into two datasets: GPCRmd community contributions and individual contributions.

GPCRmd dataset

Each simulation is classified into each class, family and subfamily. Similar than the Family tree but grouped. The user can expand each of these groups until get the simulations related to a specific family. To view the simulation the user can click on the red text link (e.g. ID 90).

GPCRmd dataset display