• Question: How can I create an account in GPCRmd?

  • Q: How can I submit a simulation into GPCRmd?

  • Q: I have a format file of trajectory or topology that I can not submit. What can I do?

    • A: Using the program VMD the user can load the topology and trajectory and then export the files into format files like .pdb or .xtc.

  • Q: Why have I not access to some simulations?

    • A: Due to protect the unpublished data and save the integrity of copyright, GPCRmd follow a security protocol that only gives the posibility to the user to share this data by a secret submission key and the dynamic id (see Secret submission key section).

  • Q: As user, if I have closed the submission, why can I not see it public in GPCRmd?

    • A: In order to a submission will become published in GPCRmd the data uploaded must follow a process of checking. First, the user must close the submission and will be send it to check process. Next, the GPCRmd will check that the information provided for the user is correct in order to avoid errors. Once, the GPCRmd team decides that everything is correct, checking the data with the user, it send it to the database to be open to the public.